GOP Senators Grassley and Johnson have written to AG Barr regarding brazen efforts by the DNC and the Clinton campaign to use the Ukrainian govt. for the express purpose of finding negative information on Trump. In other words, it sounds like they did what they accused Trump of doing.

Or something like that.

Ruh-roh, Hillary.

Maybe? We’re not getting our hopes up because it really does feel like nothing ever sticks to this evil woman or the Democrats.

C’mon you guys. Time to get busy doin’ something, don’cha think?

That’s a nice thought (gross, not the idea of his ‘wrapping’ his pants) but the idea of him finally figuring out they’re onto him but again, not holding our breath.

Which is why Nancy Pelosi originally wanted to leave it alone.

They might magically find a way to get Trump, but they’ll take down Biden, Hillary, and maybe even Obama in the process.

And we’ll have President Pence.

Way to go, Dems!

Can we get an amen?!


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