Writers at The Federalist have been all over this Ukraine situation (hoax), and Margot Cleveland’s thread exposing several significant details is a tremendous example of the work they’ve been doing. It’s tough when you’re going up against the traditional media that is deliberately spinning and spinning to push the Democrats’ narrative.

Sorry, not sorry, that’s exactly what it looks like at this point.

Especially after reading Margot’s thread:

‘Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine’ doesn’t quite roll off the tongue so easily.

‘Limited circumstances.’


We should form some sort of game here at Twitchy where we have to find a way to work that phrase into every story we write … heh.

The whistleblower isn’t even the person who heard the information firsthand.

And they conveniently changed the complaint form to make gossip admissable.

You can’t make this crap up.

In short, this thing STINKS to high heaven.

That would seem super-duper suspicious, eh?

TDS is a serious mental illness, folks.

Not even joking at this point.


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