It’s really and truly shameful that Rep. Barbara Lee leaves OUT what the Hyde Amendment actually does, which is make it illegal for tax dollars to be used in the murder of the unborn. Or as she’d call it, abortion. She just refers to it as a ban, so of course, other yahoos who don’t know what the Hyde really does will jump onboard and screech for abortion-on-demand.

Coverage ban … she’s so disingenuous.

Be bold, make taxpayers fund abortion.

GAWD they’re awful.

An honor of a lifetime to advocate for using taxpayer monies to slaughter the unborn?


Julian Cástro really took it over the top though.

The first woman to die because it’s illegal to use tax dollars to pay for abortion?

We knew Castro was obnoxious (remember when he target-harassed Trump supporters?) but this is just an obscene and obnoxious claim to make.

Disgusting and wrong is the Democrats’ motto ya’ know.

They’ve turned women’s rights into abortion.

They’ve turned justice into abortion.

It’s actually really and truly disgusting and a disservice to women but hey, they’re being bold and stuff.


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