This letter sent by Chuck Grassley WAY back in 2017 (that seems like a long time ago now, doesn’t it) demanding answers by the DOJ is crazy enlightening.

Some might even call it ‘damning.’

Note, you guys ever notice that anytime some shady AF stuff pops up the name Clinton is somehow tied in?

Take a look a these screenshots from his letter (from over two years ago):

‘… Ukrainian govt. officials tried to help Hillary Clinton undermine Trump.’

‘… Ukrainian-American operative ‘who was consulting for the DNC.’


Simultaneously working on behalf of a foreign government on the behalf of the Clinton Campaign.

Something stinks here, folks.

Big time.

No wonder this sort of just disappeared.

Even back then.

We know why no national outlet investigated it …


We’re not counting on it …

Too bad nothing came of it.

Until now?

Sometimes a meme works wonders, especially when there are so many moving pieces.

Every day we ask ourselves if this is real life, and every day we pop a little more popcorn.

This is gonna get really interesting really fast.

Stay tuned.


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