On a day where the majority of what you see is sad, terrible, or enraging (like September 11), a thread like this from Dr. Sayed A Tabatabai talking about treating his older patients (and educating a young doctor to be) was a welcome breath of fresh air.

Read the whole thing.

You’ll thank us.

We suggest you get a tissue or FIVE now.

Trust us.

Keep reading.

We love Carl.

And we love Gladys too.

And now we love John and Lucy too.

Annnd now is a good time for the tissue.

Howard. We so adore Howard.

Everyone needs an Alma in their life.

Steve is AWESOME.

Did we mention we love Mike?

More tissue.

We’re not crying, YOU’RE crying.


Aww, poor babies! Dem pres. campaigns ticked at fact-checkers for fact-checking THEM as much as Trump and LOL

OOF! Gun-control activist makes one HELL of an argument AGAINST red flag laws with unhinged attack on Adam Baldwin

Now, THAT’S a boom! Local reporter BUSTS WaPo on BOGUS story claiming NC GOP called ‘surprise vote’ during 9/11 memorial