Rep. Eric Swalwell has spent a lot of time bragging that he’s not scared of the NRA, talking all big and bad about fighting them and their evil gun laws! Heck, he even threatened to nuke all legal gun owners if they wouldn’t hand over their firearms.

So if he’s so tough and brave why did he run away like a little girl when the NRA showed up to ask him some questions?


Chip took OFF. And he’s running from GIRLS which makes this even funnier.


Do you still want to nuke us? EL OH EL.

This was great.

Note, it was really hard to grab a picture from this video for the story because Eric really is hauling tail to get away from those mean ol’ NRA reporters. 

Don’t nuke us, bro.

C’mon, Eric, stop and answer their questions. Your meeting can wait.

This was too good.


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