Bill Maher seems less than impressed with the 2020 Dem candidates ‘racing’ to the far Left.

We call that SOCIALISM, Bill. Repeat after us, SO-SHUL-I-ZIM.

It’s bad news but we repeat ourselves.

From Breitbart.TV:

“It is not good,” Maher said. “It is kind of a cancer on progressivism. I have been saying this for years, that, first of all, you have to stand up to Twitter. Twitter isn’t us. Twitter isn’t the rank and file Democrat. It is not even most liberals. But they don’t do it. This race is begging for someone to do a kind of a ‘Sister Souljah’ moment with that far left. Maybe, you know, Trump wants to run against ‘The Squad.’ Maybe that would be a good place for that kind of blowback against what I think is not being good for the Democratic Party. You mentioned health care and immigration. Yes, those are issues that are easy to win. This is the Democrats’ race to lose.”

And lose it they will.

Oh, and just guess how Lefties on Twitter responded (especially after he said Twitter doesn’t really matter):



How quickly they turn on their own.

They’re so mad … which probably means Bill hit a little too close to home.


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