What sort of horrid, disgusting, vile human being claims we should abort babies to stop climate change?

Oh, that’s right, Bernie Sanders.

You know that face you make when you think you’re biting into a chocolate chip cookie and it’s actually oatmeal raisin? Just made that face.

Whoohoo, gotta love the Democrats.


Even S.E. Cupp was angry about Bernie’s admission that he’s cool killing innocent babies to save a bunch of polar bears and stuff.

It’s like she hasn’t been paying any attention at all to how awful the Left has become. Considering she spends most of her time b*tching about Trump these days we’re not surprised she missed it.

She’s seriously shocked Bernie is awful.


Not to Democrats in 2019.

C’mon man, promises of free stuff? That’s all they care about anymore.

And then the crowd she’s all but pandering to showed up to shame her for being angry over Bernie’s comments.

Except it was what he was talking about.


That’s cute.

Aww yes, the Left’s ‘you’re stupid for disagreeing with me you dumb woman’ go-to.

Gotta love that.

No, she didn’t miss anything.

And there you have it.

Hey, at least this Omar person admits it.

PS: This is what happens when people who lean to the right at all try to appease the Left … it’s sort of like trying to make nice with a crocodile in hopes he will eat you last.


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