Patricia Arquette will have to forgive us for not being overly sympathetic to her ‘struggles’ on Twitter.

Yeah, Jack. Get rid of people who disagree with Patricia or she’s going to leave your platform.

Talk about a self-entitled brat. OH NO, SHE HAS TO MUTE AND BLOCK PEOPLE and it’s time-consuming. Whatever will she do?! Hello, first world problems anyone?

But wait, it gets even better.

Dangerous for our country.

For every free country?

You’ve gotta be shiznitting us.

Asking for people to be censored because you don’t like what they have to say is like the opposite of a free country, Patty.

And then look who showed up … EL OH EL.

If anyone knows about being a troll it’s Michael ‘Basta’ Avenatti.


See? There’s a solution.

Conservatives are helpers and givers.

Poor dear.

Perhaps she should try My Space, we hear it’s a little bit slower these days.


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