As Twitchy readers know, Bret Stephens tried to get some guy fired for calling him a bed bug (don’t make that face) and then when he was called out for acting like an authoritarian toolbag he quit Twitter.

It’s almost like Bret thinks he’s some sort of protected class because THEN he doubled down on why he quit.

Ben Domenech was good enough to call him out and it’s perfect:

Poor baby.

Next thing you know, Bret will be wandering the woods and being mistaken for Big Foot.

True story.

Especially not in this day and age.

In other words, acting like a deranged Leftist trying to destroy someone for making fun of him.

Whoohoo! Let’s hear it for free speech and stuff.

It really is silly.

Never fails. They try to appeal to the crocodile hoping he will eat them LAST.


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