Anytime someone says they ’rounded people up’ it’s never a good thing not to mention the fact they think these accounts are all working together in secret to somehow control Twitter and help re-elect Trump is pretty damn funny.

They listed Ted Cruz of all people:

OH NO, Not a list!

As Twitchy covered earlier this week, a CNN analyst accused ‘Steph’ of being a fake account and apparently these 100 accounts retweet her often so something must be up! IT’S ALL A PLOT.

We’re only disappointed they didn’t blame Russia and/or Putin.

Mwahahahaha, even the president involved.

Who are these people and how do they have enough time to do this sort of crap?

Wait, don’t answer that.

High degree of amplification?

Or, and hear us out, people just like what they have to ‘say’ and retweet them because it’s Twitter and that’s what you’re supposed to do?

They meet in a bunker every Tuesday night.


Thinking this did NOT go as our Resist-friend here wanted it to.


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