Awww, poor Planned Parenthood. Mean ol’ Trump is forcing them out of the Title X program because they won’t stop killing babies.

What a monster.

It is a direct attack on abortion.

Yup. Buh-bye, Planned Parenthood.

And WHOOHOO, job well done, Mr. President.

Susan B. Anthony List was front and center to call the abortion mill OUT.

Pretty simple. All Planned Parenthood had to do to secure their funding was to stop aborting babies … and c’mon, they’ve been claiming it’s such a small part of what they do for years and years, it shouldn’t have been such a tough choice to make.

Unless of course, their business is all about abortion, which we all know it is.


So much boom.

Not a single tear.

In essence, they’ve exposed themselves.

Wait, yuck, that’s not a good visual.

Never mind.

Not seeing a whole lot of sympathy here, PPFA.


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