Ugh, that people actually follow Dean Obeidallah is such a sad reflection on Twitter …

Not to mention ol’ Dean is pushing the ‘very fine people’ lie in this tweet. We get that his vapid base doesn’t realize (or care) that he’s lying his backside off about said quote but c’mon, it’s got to get old pushing lies after a while, right?





Neera Tanden chimed in and for whatever reason slammed Susan Sarandon.

Even Susan knew Hillary was a disaster. Sorry, not sorry, Neera. Maybe if the DNC hadn’t screwed over Bernie because it was ‘Hillary’s turn’?

Easier to blame Susan than accept they ran a horrible candidate.

Don’t mind us, we’re just sitting over here eating popcorn watching the Left eat itself.

Want some?



Wow, this went even worse than we expected, Neera.

Way to go.

Yikes, when you’ve lost Linda Sarsour?


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