Oh, look, NBC News wrote an entire thread on The Epoch Times. Between this and the CNN analyst targeting an unverified right-leaning account on Twitter earlier today, it seems our friends in the media are working overtime to try and shut down the competition.

This reads like insanity and paranoia all wrapped up in one dumpster fire of silly.

So wait, is this another Russia thing?

Asking for a friend.


Sure, they’re the ones pushing conspiracy theories.

The irony of NBC News accusing The Epoch Times of pushing conspiracy theories in a thread filled with conspiracy theories is impressive, and not in a good way.

Is Falun Gong the Right’s Soros?


And fighting against communism is a bad thing?

Communists sent to a kind of Hell?

We got nothin’.

Five former faceless reporters.

Annnd we can’t find 8/8.

We have covered both and have not seen this either but it is NBC we’re talking about, folks.

Sad but true.

Because you know, NBC News is all about reporting the story and telling it like it is.


Oh, ouch, our sides.


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