Don’t you love it when Kellyanne Conway triggers the Left? Especially when she can do so explaining what Antifa actually stands for …

Anti-First Amendment makes SO much more sense.


From The Daily Beast:

Kellyanne Conway on Monday incorrectly claimed that “antifa” is really a shortened version of “anti-First Amendment,” when in reality it is a moniker for anti-fascism protesters. Conway’s claim, made while speaking from the White House on the final hour of Fox & Friends, echoed a Saturday tweet from Fox News contributor Dan Bongino, who wrote: “Everywhere the group ANTIFA (Anti-First Amendment) goes, violence and chaos follows.”

She’s right.

Oh, sure. The Left can pretend these thugs and rejects are fighting fascism but we all know who they really are.

And we love that Dan Bongino started this … EL OH EL.

They don’t like being beaten at their own game.

And how hard do you think Kellyanne laughed?


And Bingo was his name-o.


Don’t give them any ideas.


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