The only thing Democrats ever really want to do via policy is to raise taxes.

That’s their solution to every problem.

Oh, we’re out of milk? RAISE TAXES.

Like Elizabeth Warren’s bright idea to tax wealthy heirs so the ‘government’ can even the playing field, whatever the heck that means. Sounds like more socialist nonsense to this editor:

How dare the family benefit from their own business!


Ben Shapiro made one fairly exceptional point about why Liz’s bright idea is more like a dim yellow bulb.

It’s like Liz wants to be Bernie, or at least appeal to the Bernie Bros enough so that when the DNC screws him over again they don’t hold it against her like they did Hillary.

We’re sorry, we were told there would be no math.

Oh, and if you want to see a lot of entitled whiners and their sour grapes about the wealth of the Walton family you’re in luck!

Wanting to shrink government and lower taxes (even for the rich) is trite.


And how long has the government had a war on poverty?

Yeah, that’s working out great.

Stupid like this really does burn.

Living wage.

Gotta love those empty, meaningless talking points Democrats have been spewing for years that have done nothing to actually help with poverty in this country.

Yes, he’s so snobbish.

So that means Democrats should take it from them and give it to other people who didn’t earn it?


This is none of this person’s business.

They just don’t get it.

Which is exactly why Liz keeps pushing this nonsense – she knows they lap it up.


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