Soooo we’ve never really heard of this ‘Roosh’ person who Twitter for whatever reason saw fit to verify but YIKES, what a train wreck. His timeline is SO bad we thought for sure this had to be a parody account but from everything we can find, it’s not.

He really might mean this stuff.

So this guy thinks women should not wear or even OWN pants.

Alrighty then.

PLEEEEASE tell us this is a joke.

True story.

And yeah yeah, we took the bait but how could we NOT?

Seriously, it’s just too ridiculous.

So maybe it’s a parody?

Just can’t tell for sure which doesn’t say much for social media these days.



Mom Jeans! Yes!

You’d think?

Wait, what?

OOOOH, we see what he did here.

As we said, we searched this account’s timeline and his other tweets are pretty awful as well:

What a charmer.



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