Usually when a tweet starts with, ‘Dear White People,’ it’s followed by some hateful, progressive nonsense about how white people are the worst people in the world and to blame for everything bad that happens.

Hey, it’s Twitter, right? And that’s a fairly common theme on the social media giant these days.

But this tweet from a rando (aka an account that hasn’t been verified) was actually such a positive spin on the ‘Dear White People’ tweet that we had to give it props.

So. Awesome.

And so rare.

It is super exhausting, right?


Sounds good.

Oooh, Shark Week!

We don’t see enough of this in general on Twitter. Not just based on skin color but in general, just people asking people how they’re doing. Instead, we just see a lot of yelling, shrieking,  namecalling, and finger-pointing.

So this was truly a nice and needed break.



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