This montage of CNN’s moderator for tonight’s Democratic Democrat is like a compilation of Don Lemon’s best (worst) hits.

We knew he was pretty obnoxious but seeing it all together in one clip? Yikes.

Watch this:

‘The closest thing we have to royalty is Barack Obama.’


‘The biggest terror threat in this country is white men.’

Dude, really? The look on April Ryan’s face … EL OH EL.

‘The president of the US is racist.’


CNN sure can pick ’em, right? We suppose at this point we shouldn’t be surprised but knowing it’s Lemon means the majority of the debate will be about how racist Trump and Republicans are which should be a joy to watch.

If Cuomo was moderating he’d just spend the entire debate making that same, constipated face he’s gotten famous for making when he gets confused, which is most of the time.

And not a funny funny funny one!


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