You know the Russian collusion narrative has completely fallen apart when the Left is working overtime to push the ‘Trump is racist’ talking points.

Also, notice the silly concentration camp claims have magically disappeared.

Gotta love the media’s willingness to do their part in switching gears to support and push whatever the Left calls for on nearly a daily basis. Like this garbage take from WaPo on Trump escalating racism:

And of course, it’s behind a pay wall.

From WaPo (sorry!):

President Trump’s decision to put away his racist dog whistle and bring out his racist bullhorn has just one plausible explanation: desperation.

Disregard, as usual, what Trump claims about his political standing and his prospects for winning a second term. He is acting as though he knows he is likely to lose the election, perhaps by a humiliating margin — and fears what will happen to him and his dodgy business empire once he’s out of office.

They really believe this crap.

Or at least they want you to.

Every day this editor thinks she has seen the lowest and dumbest the media can go but then BAM, something like this pops up. Remember when the same media was telling us Hillary would beat Trump by like 97% or something?

Good times.

People have lost their ever-loving minds.

See what we mean?

Nailed it.

Don’t ask us, man, we just work here.


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