If you were wondering why Rep. Eric Swalwell actually dropped out of the 2020 presidential race look no further than the content of his tweets. Well, that and his sad interviews on various news outlets plus his threatening to nuke millions of Americans, but his tweets are truly ‘comedy gold’.

Take for example this tweet which starts out with, ‘Hey haters …’

Awww, Eric is still trying so hard. Poor guy.

And HOLY CRAP, give us a break. You can most certainly criticize a Democrat-run city for being a dump (and many of them are, sorry, not sorry) without trashing America. We get it, he was white knighting for Baltimore but all he really did was make it easier for us to mock him.


Yeah, dude, read up.

Maybe we could find Eric a picture book?

We ask ourselves that about Eric’s tweets on a daily basis.

Get off Twitter and get to work.

Great advice.


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