Rep. Dan Crenshaw has been on a tear for the past couple of weeks, calling out the Left for doing nothing but dividing an already divided America even more. If you’ve missed the ridiculousness around Apollo 11 on Twitter consider yourself lucky (our good, delicate friends on the Left jumped the ol’ shark again), and Dan was front and center to call it out.

Dan must’ve missed the memo Democrats sent out that said everything American is bad now since orange man bad.

Tom Arnold for whatever reason thought it was a good idea to try and get in Dan’s space …

Top Gun?

He tried so hard here.

Which makes is sadly hilarious.

Tom. Silly Tom. Sad Tom. Stop it, Tom.

Does he realize he just told a Navy Seal with multiple tours in Afghanistan where he LOST HIS EYE to ‘sack up’? We have not seen stupid of this magnitude since AOC tweeted whatever she tweeted yesterday.

Who knew?

Our theory is he missed Twitchy writing about him … remember when he talked about interning for us?

Silly Tom.


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