Awww, what would Twitter be without our favorite parody (and yours), @sean_spicier. It never fails, when this editor needs a break from crazy, stupid, and angry (looking at YOU, AOC), she needs look no further than Sean Spicier’s timeline for a hoot and a holler.

Hey, it’s summer, people definitely hoot and holler this time of year.

Google it.

Anywho, this time our visit to his timeline produced some treasured screenshots about Epstein, ICE raids being on PPV (only him), and about the ‘woman of the hour,’ Ilhan Omar.

But first, a little tweet about Rep. Steve Cohen trampling on Spicier’s First Amendment rights.


Funny story, Cohen had this editor blocked and now magically he does not.


And then Epstein.

Sociopaths have feelings too.

Oh wait, no they don’t.

Our bad.

Onto the ICE raids on PPV:

This is just … weird.

Awww but the joke is on YOU, Kurt.

And finally, Ilhan Omar … although he does not mention her by name.

Hey, neither did the president.

And there’s Charles P. Pierce and his pretty blue checkmark.

We love it when the smug elites get caught by a parody.

*chef’s kiss*

Nice caps.


No, no Mr. Bill is not right.

Wow, Stacey seems like she’d be a ball at birthday parties.


Awww, the irony of telling a parody account it has no voice of its own.

Graft money.

Alrighty then.

Nothing better.


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