Trump makes Alyssa Milano feel anger unlike she’s ever felt before.

If that’s the case it might be time for Alyssa to find a hobby or visit the spa … seriously.

But Alyssa’s anger ain’t nothin’ compared to Brian Karem’s pain of having to cover Trump in the media.

You guys remember Brian, right?

He’s the guy Seb Gorka dropped at last week’s Social Media Summit at the White House. He’s also pretty well-known for making up stories about small migrant children and woke WWII vets. Yeah, dude is special.

And might have a lovely singing voice.

Kills us, every time.

Maybe he’s singing opera in an angry way? FI-GA-RO!


And what she said.

We didn’t say it.

We laughed at it.

We included it in this article.

But we didn’t say it.

Per Gorka, yup.

Psh, if we start covering lunacy nobody will read us.


In other words, bye Felicia.


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