Boy, AOC is really milking this …

We know, you’re as shocked as we are that Twitter’s top drama queen is acting like a drama queen but this is obnoxious even for her. Any minute now she’ll post a video to Instagram talking with a mouthful of food and claiming this proves Trump is totally like Hitler and stuff.

God forbid she doesn’t tweet endlessly about it:

And THERE it is.

Notice no one mentions Trump’s follow-up tweet about ‘coming back’ with what they learn … which is the hallmark language of fakes, frauds, and panderers on the Left but we digress.

She continued:

Really AOC? Girl, please.

Take so many seats.


What did she think would happen when she tweeted this?



He didn’t.

But you know, ORANGE MAN RACIST.

Gosh, this game is easy.

Maybe someone should get AOC a mirror before she opens her big mouth again?

But the craziness is all Democrats have left.


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