As Twitchy reported on Monday, Ellen Barkin admitted she had known for years that Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend was a sex trafficker, and of course, people wanted to know WHY she never said or did anything to stop it.

Welp, Ellen tried to find a way to make HERSELF the victim in all of this and defended her tweet … which only made her look even worse.

Oh, so stop blaming her for not saying anything and allowing who knows how many girls to be victimized.


And nobody rushed to judgement, she literally admitted SHE KNEW.

Man, we weren’t sure she could make herself look even worse but hey, she managed.

Hooray for Hollywood and stuff.

Wow, this feels a lot like the Harvey Weinstein thing, but worse.

Sounds like a big fat no.

And hey, we should stop being mean to her and stuff.

Bingo was his name-o.


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