If you were curious about which accounts on Twitter are the most DESPERATE for attention, good or bad, look no further than failed Democratic candidate Pam Keith out of Florida.

Florida, that tells us a whole lot about her.

That and the crazy-a*s things she’s been tweeting for the past week or so, calling the GOP party racist and insisting anyone who supports Trump can’t be a Christian. But this little nugget using Jesus to promote abortion is even off the charts for her.

She thought this was a good take.

That or she’s insane.

Maybe both?

How absolutely gross does someone have to be to use Jesus to justify killing unborn babies.

Democrats, right?

Thinking she might be going to the wrong church.

And her tweet is 100% crap.


It’s the most attention she’s ever gotten so we’re going to guess she’s not planning on stopping anytime soon.


Pam followed up with this …

Oh, so since Jesus didn’t mention not aborting your unborn child that means he’s ok with it.

We’re starting to see why she couldn’t even win a primary.

In Florida.


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