We get what Ellen Barkin was trying to do here, and that was to somehow dunk only on Trump using Jeffrey Epstein. Interestingly enough, all she really succeeded in doing was making herself and other Hollywood elites look like the disgusting enablers they have always been.

Here comes the ‘enabling’ part:

So. Maxwell told Ellen Barkin that she was a sex trafficker … and Ellen did … nothing.


This was not the dunk she was likely going for.

It’s really pretty disgusting. Ellen admits she knew long ago that girls were being trafficked and did nothing to stop it.

Sounds like the Weinstein mess all over again.

Way to protect the predators, Ellen.





Apparently, it is a big secret.

One Ellen sat on for YEARS.

Because it wasn’t politically convenient to do so until now.

This is not about helping victims, it’s about scoring political points.

Period the end.


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