Eric Swalwell may be dropping out of the presidential race.


Oh, don’t get us wrong, we think he should totally drop out BUT who else will we make fun of 24/7? He truly is the 2020 Democratic candidate gift that keeps on giving.

Le sigh:

Now, it could be that Eric is making an announcement about finally learning to tie his shoes or something, but this sounds kinda sorta like a big deal.

Even Sean Spicer seems to think so … and YES, this is the real Spicer.

We checked.

Can you imagine if WE fell for the wrong account after spending literal years making fun of Lefties (and some ‘righties) for falling for the parody?!


His supporter is up for grabs.



Awww, that’s almost sweet.



Can’t wait to see what @sean_spicier has to say …


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