Watching the rift within the Democratic Party grow is one of the few things about politics that actually bring this editor some small joy these days. After what Republicans went through in 2015 this almost seems like some sort of karma …

Nancy Pelosi called ‘The Squad’ out for being all talk and no walk, spending far more time ‘tweeting’ than actually getting anything done.

Which of course triggered AOC AND brought out the Leftist media lapdogs to protect their ‘stars.’ Like this winner of a tweet from WaPo’s, Jeff Stein.

None of which have passed.

None of which will pass.

But we digress.

Was Stein trying to prove Nancy right?

So the entire gotcha of his post is not really a gotcha.


Quiet you, he’s cheerleading.



But hey, they’re doing stuff! Sorta. Ok, not really but GIRL POWER.

Magical money trees. Duh.

Wait, cow farts?


No wonder Pelosi is concerned. She should be.


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