Once again our good, dear, rational, delicate friends in traditional media completely and totally botched a story because of their very real Trump Derangement Syndrome. For weeks (months?) the media prattled on and on about how Trump was making the Fourth of July celebration about him and about his campaign, inspiring loads and loads of crazy from the Left, shaking their angry little fists and accusing him of using tax dollars to campaign.

And as usual, the media was wrong.

Super wrong.

Like, they were so wrong they were almost right and then went back around to being wrong again.

Brit Hume nailed them and shared NewsBusters’ video compilation of just how WRONG they all really were.

They never do learn.

Here’s the video for your viewing ‘pleasure’.


Hey, we see what he did here.

It’s gotten so easy too.

Once that ‘tingle’ over Obama went up Chris’ leg he was never the same.


Psh. Didn’t you know, ORANGE MAN BAD.

Beats the Hell out of us.

Winner winner chicken dinner!


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