Alyssa Milano is trying really, really, really hard to vilify people who disagree with her politically. Perhaps she has seen the writing on the wall (Democrats really don’t have much to run on in the upcoming election) so she’s sticking with what she knows … which isn’t much.

Cheap, personal shots at strangers.

Excuse our French but what an absolute pile of horse crap.

Democrats are about hope, love, peace, unity, and equality? On what planet?

Sure, Alyssa, only trolls disagree with your stupid tweet.

Keep telling yourself that.

And imagine that, people are pissed at her for making them out to be monsters for being on the Right.

What a hyena.

This didn’t go well for Alyssa, but her ridiculous tweets never really do.

She is literally a walking, talking campaign ad for Trump.

Nice try, sweetie.


Like, she’s so MAD! AOC’s late-night temper tantrum after Nancy Pelosi throws SERIOUS shade her way only makes her look WORSE