Have we mentioned how much fun the 2020 election is going to be? If we had any doubts at all about the amount of popcorn we would be digesting over the next 18 months watching the circus last night nipped them in the bud.

Between the gross ‘Hispandering,’ the fighting, and the technical difficulties we’re pretty sure Trump wasn’t exactly sweating watching the any of the candidates who might end up running against him.

You can tell by his tweets that he was laughing his as* off like the rest of us:


Real professionals.

Oh, our sides.

What a train wreck.

Trump wins. Bigly.

Democrats really really really wanted to pretend they didn’t hear the moderators point out that 72% of the country says they are doing well under Trump.

No wonder they were all trying to speak Spanish and pretend to be the most supportive of abortion.

They got nothin’.

It’s pretty damn amazing.

And speaking of amazing, look at the fit Lefties threw on this tweet:

Granted, Jeff and other yahoos like him throw a fit if Trump so much as blinks on Twitter but still.



Maybe if these folks spent more time asking their candidates to actually work on issues instead of pandering and virtue-signaling like a bunch of hyenas they wouldn’t be so angry all of the time. It’s not Trump’s fault their candidates suck something awful.

How dare Trump treat the Left like he treats him!

The nerve.

So thirsty.

So hilarious.


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