This is just … weird.

Uncomfortable? Bizarre? Out there?

And E. Jean Carroll wonders why people may not take her seriously about her allegations. You have got to watch this to believe it.

Dear Lord this is incredibly uncomfortable.

And you can tell Alisyn Camerota really wants this to be true but even she’s struggling with what’s happening in this interview.

‘Very brief episode in her life’.

Oh, and don’t forget the talking point about how she doesn’t want to disrespect women all around the world being raped or something.

This. Is. So. Weird.

But wait, there’s more.

And as you can see, the interview itself just gradually continues to fall apart. Not to mention Carroll clearly has an agenda here beyond even selling her silly book. ‘Men have run the world for 20k years and I’m sick of it,’ she says.

Just a train wreck all around.


It is awfully awkward and cringy.

If you figure it out, let us know.

Editor’s note: Alisyn Camerota’s name was misspelled in the headline and body of this post. We’ve corrected the typos and apologize for the error.


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