It’s one thing to be completely ignorant and not realize that Obama was keeping kids in cages, letting them sleep on floors, and ignoring the fact they went without soap, toothbrushes and other essentials while he was president. It’s quite another to deliberately manipulate photos to push a lie on your timeline to frame Trump for it.

Like what Nancy Lee Grahn did here.

We had to look Nancy up because we had never heard of her and apparently she’s an actress whose main body of work is soap operas.

Oh, and if you were wondering whether or not people bought her lie:

As did the majority of this country.

Get her, Caleb.

Oh, look.


But you know, ORANGE MAN BAD so let’s pretend it was Trump doing these horrible things.

Pretty cocky, right?

Gosh, we absolutely agree. When will CNN do an exposé on this actress? Oh, that’s right, NEVER.

Or the shoddy conditions along the border.

Funny how that works.


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