Adam Schiff had a lot to say about American values while he was on with Jake Tapper. Seeing a Democrat pretend they know anything about our values is seriously off-putting, like when a dog wears people clothes and walks on its hind legs.

But hey, he needed to pretend he has values so he could virtue-signal about the border and claim Trump does NOT have any.

They’re willing to negotiate with Trump?


And monkeys might fly out of his butt. Oh, and it’s adorable how he pretends the bipartisan legislation they’ve been negotiating on would actually solve any of the problems at the southern border, but we digress.

Adam is too busy getting his rock-solid proof that he swears he has on Trump colluding with Russia ready for us all to see.

Right, Adam?


Because they are using the people at the border as bargaining chips to get something they want.

And conditions were just as bad if not worse under Obama.

Where was this outrage about American values then, Adam?


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