Welp, this is pretty damn disconcerting.

But go ahead, Democrats, tell us how racist Americans are for wanting our borders secured.



From Breitbart:

Breitbart News exclusively confirmed that Mexican Federal Police are on alert, preparing to encounter or arrest Ahamed Ghanim Mohamed Al Juburi from Iraq, and Ibrahim Mohamed and Mohamed Eissa from Egypt. The three men are believed to have entered through Panama in May, crossed through Costa Rica on June 9, and could be headed to Mexico, a leaked internal security memo revealed. The documents make reference to BITMAP, the U.S. Homeland Security Investigations’ Biometric Identification Transnational Migration Alert Program, a collection of databases on “special interest aliens, violent criminals, fugitives and confirmed or suspected terrorists encountered within illicit pathways.”

Won’t someone think of the children?!


But you know, Americans should totally be good with open borders.


Hrm … something like this? —> O.O

Sad but true.


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