Is it just us or has Max Boot gotten even more unbearable? This piece he wrote about Marco Rubio seriously sounds like an angry, bitter, ex-girlfriend writing about the guy who dumped her after she became overly needly, slightly psychotic, and insufferable.

Sorta like what happened to Boot.

From the Washingon Post:

The old Rubio — the silver-tongued, high-minded orator who attracted me to his campaign in 2015 — would have cared about that. The new Rubio doesn’t. Whatever he tells himself, his motivation is obvious to all: He needs to stay on the good side of the “con man” to keep his Senate seat in 2022 and to stand a shot at winning the White House himself in 2024.

Rubio has decided that Trump is the future of the Republican Party. He’s probably right. That’s why I’m not a Republican anymore — and why I couldn’t imagine supporting Rubio for any office ever again. I’m sorry I supported him in 2016.


Ok, we get it, he left the Republican Party.

We still don’t care.

Nobody cares.

‘HEY GUYS! DID YOU KNOW I’M A VEGAN? Oh, I told you already? Well, just in case, I am totally a vegan. You get that, right? I’M A VEGAN. VEEEEGAN. And you should totally give up dairy and meat because wow, did I tell you I’m a vegan?!’

Just replace the word ‘vegan’ with ex-GOP.


Take care now. Bye bye then.


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