Oh, good, Sen. Dianne Feinstein took time to tweet about the wage gap in America and push the Paycheck Fairness Act … said no one, ever. We get that Democrats don’t really have much to run on since the Russian collusion thing has really fallen apart and the economy is doing pretty darn good under Trump but c’mon.

Stop beating this dead horse aka the mythical wage gap

It doesn’t exist.

So we’re calling parents mothers and fathers again? Because we thought SJWs said that was a big no-no.

You’d think by NOW since this is such a huge problem that Dianne and her ilk would have taken care of this years ago.

Of course, we know the Equal Employment Opportunity Act passed DECADES ago but hey, apparently we need another law to make it even more illegal to pay a woman less than just for being a woman.


You California broads need to get your stories straight.

Even people in unions know this is hogwash, DiFi.

Oh yeah, that one too. But you know, it’s never enough when Democrats need a crisis to milk for votes.


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