Whoopi Goldberg made headlines earlier this week by saying she did not want Nikki Haley in her ‘coochie’ after Haley spoke at a pro-life gala.

Look, we said she made headlines, we didn’t say they were good or even remotely decent headlines.

We said headlines.

And if you thought Whoopi couldn’t look any worse in this situation, Nikki just dropped her on Twitter in one savage yet very polite tweet.

No, no we DO not want to be in Whoopi’s coochie.

Ugh, who talks like that?

You know what, don’t answer that.

We love that Nikki was all class during her speech and continued to be all class in her answer to Whoopi making The View co-host look even more unhinged and awful. Well-played.

Like there’s really any other choice here.

He’s not wrong.


True story.


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