CONFIRMED: House Democrats are incredibly desperate to hold onto the Russian collusion hoax so they’re going to hold a man in contempt for OBEYING THE LAW.

ALSO CONFIRMED: Democrats are just awful.

It’s like House Dems are scared of Barr.


You almost have to wonder if they’re worried about what he might dig up in his investigation.

Dan Crenshaw dropped the hammer on his Democratic pals in the House:

Well, duh, of course they want to smear Barr. They need to smear Barr because at this point they don’t have a choice. For nearly three years now they’ve been doubling down on an investigation that turned out to be a giant dud that could end up hurting Democrats far more than Trump.

And luckily for them, a good portion of their base is too deliberately ignorant of reality and is slurping this conspiracy rhetoric up with a spoon so they’ll keep pushing it.

And there ya’ go.

Right? Barr also offered to allow Democrats to view even more of the report under certain conditions, which they refused. And now they want to hold him in contempt?

What a bunch of a-holes.

It’s nutty.

Barr doesn’t seem the type to be overly concerned with a bunch of cry-baby Democrats holding him in contempt for obeying the law.

Trump really should send them each and everyone a thank you card after he wins in 2020. It wouldn’t have been possible without them.


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