There are certain fights on Twitter that when you seem them get picked you think to yourself, why? WHYYYY did they pick that fight?

This is one of those fights.

So this guy wrote an entire article on Dan Bongino owning Stephen King over a TV show? For real?

From The Washington Post:

So, what does this have to do with modern-day politics? The Hill’s Morgan Gstatler provides a useful rundown. It started Thursday, when the novelist Stephen King tweeted out, “It’s impossible to watch HBO’s CHERNOBYL without thinking of Donald Trump; like those in charge of the doomed Russian reactor, he’s a man of mediocre intelligence in charge of great power—economic, global—that he does not understand.”

In response, conservative commentator Dan Bongino fired back with his own tweet, suggesting that King was comparing apples and oranges: “Chernobyl was a failure of socialism (where the govt controls the means of production), the exact opposite of the Trump deregulation and tax cut agenda.”

That, in turn, brought in Chernobyl’s screenwriter Craig Mazin to respond to Bongino with a pretty serious insult: “Chernobyl was a failure of humans whose loyalty to (or fear of) a broken governing party overruled their sense of decency and rationality. You’re the old man with the cane. You just worship a different man’s portrait.”


We’re still trying to figure out why he wrote this piece in the first place.

Sean Parnell chimed in:

It is indeed some serious TDS on display.

We can’t even really joke about it existing anymore … it’s real.


A real tweet sent by a real account with a blue check.

Yay Twitter!

The irony here is painful.



‘Nuff said.


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