Meet Carlos Maza. Carlos works for Vox and has been actively trying to shut Steven Crowder’s YouTube channel down because he doesn’t like it. Forget that he could just ignore the show, you know, like an adult. But oh no, Carlos doesn’t want anyone listening to anything he disagrees with and thinks YouTube doesn’t care about ‘queer creators.’

Wait, gay creators. We need to be careful how we write about this because even though it’s Carlos’ phrasing that didn’t stop him from going after Crowder, who used his phrasing as well.

Hoo boy.

He says ironically as he spreads hate.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez chimed in to defend Carlos:

Social erosion?

WTF is AOC talking about now? You know what, don’t answer that.

The reason people, in general, are leaving Facebook is that they’re tired of being censored … it has nothing to do with toxicity. And of course, since it’s AOC we’re talking about, big money and evil corporations are to blame.

Guess how this went over?


But Crowder was mean to Carlos and stuff! DISINFORMATION AND BIGOTRY!

Bingo. She is likely fine with Crowder being silenced because he’s mean or something.

Not. At. All.

Maybe she missed it but Carlos wanted people to throw milkshakes at anyone they disagreed with.

But you know, Crowder is the mean one.

That works.

It’s the Left’s way. Yup.


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