Other than reading her trollish tweets on Twitter, we have never heard of Saira Rao. But seriously, if you want to see a whole lotta ratios look no further than this chick’s timeline because it’s whack.

And not whack in a good way.

The tweets are so obviously trolling that we’re not entirely sure if she’s serious or not, but with the messaging we’ve seen from SJWs, we suppose it’s possible that she is. And if that’s the case, YIKES.

Look at these tweets …


But check the ratio here. 1,000 idiots liked her tweet and over 9,000 people had something to say about it and most of those comments are not exactly supportive.

Notice her pretty blue check though?

That. ^

Here’s another gem.

She does realize she’s gaslighting, tone-policing, and centering everything around herself, right?

What he said.

Ding ding ding!


And there’s still more!

It’s all a plot by white people, ya’ know. We actually have white people meetings to try and figure out how to make Saira’s life miserable, and then we eat cookies and drink punch.

Oh, wait, that’s the Russian get-together that Ron Perlman always accuses us of … never mind.

Told ya’.

As we said, we can’t help but wonder if she’s deliberately tweeting like this for attention even if it’s negative, which would make her a troll.

Or at the very least, the Queen of All Ratios.


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