There’s a reason Kirsten Gillibrand is polling at roughly 0% … take for example her ridiculous rant about the NRA during her Fox News Town Hall. It’s painfully obvious she knows absolutely nothing about the oldest civil rights organization in the country.

Ryan Saavedra took her and her NRA lies apart in a pretty epic thread.

Take a gander.


She has no idea what she’s talking about.

Ryan broke it down:

Who knew?

Oh, wait, anyone with even half a brain in their heads, that’s who.

Which is probably why she didn’t know.

And she wants to be president.

This is the same chick who didn’t know how to eat fried chicken.


You have to wonder if she listens to the garbage and outright lies she spews.


Oopsie again.

Of course she can’t.

She responds by deflecting because she knows nobody bought anything she was trying to sell.


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