In case you were wondering, yes, Hillary Clinton is still awful. We thought Elizabeth Warren dressing up like a rainbow Big Bird to pander to the LGBTQ community was obnoxious but ol’ Chief Lies About Her Heritage has got NOTHIN’ on Hillary.

Nobody panders like Hillary ‘Hot Sauce In My Purse’ Clinton.

Trump was the first president to come into the White House supporting gay marriage. He has also worked to de-criminalize homosexuality around the world but hey, Hillary really wants to play the ‘Trump hates gays’ card here.

There’s a reason she lost and it wasn’t just that she forgot Wisconsin existed.

She’s really just awful.

You know, those attacks … yeah, that’s the ticket.

She also agreed with Obama who thought marriage was between a man and a woman. Until, of course, he ‘evolved’ right before the 2012 election. Seems Hill-dawg herself has evolved as well.

*eye roll*

If Hillary wasn’t using people she wouldn’t know what to do otherwise.


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