Adults behaving this way over Trump visiting their country is just SO 2019.

Ladies and gents, this is Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. And now you know why so many people laugh when anyone uses this website as a source for any sort of argument.

Would someone please get Jimmy a granola bar and a bankie so he can take his little nap? He seems fussy.

Oh. Sure it was.

The so-called ‘MAGA bots’ aren’t riled up. They’re just making fun of Jimmy for being a big ol’ manbaby because Trump is in his country. We’re not entirely sure Jimmy knows what the world ‘rile’ means.

The irony of this tweet is off the charts.

We don’t suppose he’s bright enough to see it though.


But he says people are riled up and triggered!

Just so adorable, ain’t he?

So much.

Karen works here too.


And typical.


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