Max Boot really, really, really wants Congress to impeach Trump.


From the Washington Post:

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s presentation last week, although it contained no new information, has renewed pressure to impeach President Trump. You can debate whether impeachment makes sense politically, but there is no doubt that it is justified legally and morally. There is already more than enough evidence for at least seven articles of impeachment – four more than President Richard M. Nixon would have faced had he not resigned in 1974.

You know this guy loves the sound of his own voice.

Kurt Schlichter fired back at Max:


And yes, we are almost as embarrassed for him as we are annoyed by him.

Which likely means Max blocked Kurt.


It’s all about appeasing and appealing to their base for clicks and taps. Max knows his readers want Trump impeached so he writes nonsense like this piece.

Color us totally shocked.

Oh, wait.


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