You know that face you make when the woman at the table next to you during lunch is arguing loudly on her cellphone with someone and you’re trying to ignore the crazy but she makes it impossible because she’s just so damn loud … and crazy?

Just made that face.

Conservatives telling other conservatives to vote for a Democrat to own Trump … this has got to be one of the most annoying narratives of the past two years. Sorry but this editor has no intention of voting for a party that wants to raise her taxes, trample her rights, open the borders, and destroy her health insurance all while advocating for abortion-on-demand up to and including birth.

Trump might not be the most presidential or likable guy but at least he’s not defending infanticide and bragging about taking guns from legal gun owners.

Jennifer really should just admit she’s a Democrat and move on.

We were far nicer.

Just sayin’.

Not even Thanos?! Sheesh, hard sell.

Smile more.

Maybe that’s been her plan all along? To make her narrative and herself so obnoxious and annoying it drives people to actually vote FOR Trump and then after he wins in 2020 she’ll come clean and we’ll be like, ‘Wow, that was smart.’

Right, and maybe monkeys will fly out of our butts.


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