Kevin Poulsen of The Daily Beast took it upon himself to dox the person behind the Nancy Pelosi video because you know, that’s journalism and stuff. And we thought CNN was disgusting for going after the ‘young adult’ who made the famous Trump/CNN gif.

And the Leftist media wonders why nobody likes them.

That’ll teach ’em! WE’LL EXPOSE YOU if you’re mean to Democrats!

We wish we could say this is unreal but sadly, from what we’ve seen over the past two years, this is all too real.

Standards? What standards?

For too many ‘journalists’ the story has turned into revenge.


Even some folks on the Left were not ok with how this story came to be.

Facebook helped the reporter dox this guy.


Beyond disturbing.


Eh, and she was SO close.

We’ll take it.

D*ck move, Kevin.


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